Photo-illustration by Matthew Hemming SIMON OF SPACE: A Novel
by Cheeseburger Brown

SIMON OF SPACE ran as a twice-weekly serial, with each of forty-five chapteres posted to the Web for free consumption by enthusiastic readers from four continents over the summer of 2005.
The complete story is now available in a newly edited print edition: Order Now.
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About the Author

Cheeseburger Brown is a compulsive storyteller who pens free science-fiction stories for syndication via his weblog; each serialized story is a stand-alone node in a network of interconnected plot-lines beginning in the Pleistocene and proceeding several thousand years into a speculative future.

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About the author: Cheeseburger Brown


EBOOKS: I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of the brand new Kindle edition of Simon of Space for just 99 cents! UPDATE: Also available are 99 cent editions for other eBook platforms: iOS/Kobo/Nook/Sony/Adobe/Stanza | PDF | Palm

The Ephemera Bound limited edition hardcover is no longer available, replaced by a newly-edited softcover edition from CreateSpace. Click here to order a copy of Simon of Space in print.

The Blogger version of the story is no longer online, replaced by a newly-edited Web edition. Click here to browse the story for free.

Also, Syntax Error's original musical score for Simon of Space is almost ready -- check out the overture as a free MP3 download!

Reader Comments:

"Simon of Space is Mr. Brown's experiment in the "art of balancing expectation, anticipation and release in storytelling", and as an experiment in this vein, the book is a wonderful success. It grips the reader in much the same way that Harry Potter can. Every chapter delivers just enough information to satisfy the reader, but at the same time delivers even more questions to keep you addicted. Right up to the final chapter and the surprising ending, you will be enthralled by the mysteries of Simon's life and the colourful and detailed world he inhabits."
-Mike Verdone

"Drawing inspiration from a panoply of talented forebearers, Cheeseburger Brown has crafted an incredible story that touches on love, life and the human condition in a wonderful, creative way. From outer space chase scenes, to herds of red alien cows and everything in between, this is a read not to be missed!"
-Jason Tinling

"Cheeseburger Brown is so talented at weaving words that his prose is poetry. You'll enjoy his unique dialects and catchphrases, as well as the ever-realistic portrayal of his cast of characters. Cheeseburger is one of the most talented writers I've been privileged to read. As a passenger on the ride that was Simon of Space from its very beginnings, I assure you that I awaited each new episode with baited breath. This man is a genius waiting to be discovered!"
-L Gluck

"Simon of Space has been an epic rollercoaster ride full of action, mystery, suspense, and humor, all set against the backdrop of a galaxy at odds with itself...I have had the privilege of reading Cheeseburger Brown's novel chapter by chapter, as it was written. It's been quite a trip, and I'm looking forward to re-living the adventure once the printed novel is in my hands."

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