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Free Stories

These works of original fiction are provided for you to read at no cost. If you enjoy the stories, please buy an ebook or leave a tip in the tip jar to contribute toward bandwidth and hosting expenses. Thank you very much.
Short Story: My Ghost Town
My Ghost Town
Novel: Simon of Space
Simon of Space
Short Story: Gitchy Manitou's Bang
Gitchy Manitou's Bang
Novella: Tim, Destoyer of Worlds
Tim, Destroyer of Worlds
Novella: The Salt Moon Robots
The Salt Moon Robots
Short Story: The Long Man
The Long Man
Published Short Story: Last Words
Last Words
Novelette: Idiot's Mask
Idiot's Mask
Novelette: Stubborn Town
Stubborn Town
Novelette: We Walked to Space
We Walked To Space
Story: The Automatic Marlboro
The Automatic Marlboro
Novelette: Felix and the Frontier
Felix and the Frontier
Novella: Bobo
Mystery: The Extra Cars
The Extra Cars
Short Story: Welcome to Mars!
Welcome to Mars!
Sequel Story: Plight of the Transformer
Plight of the Transformer
Novelette: Night Flight Mike
Night Flight Mike
Short Story: Robots Bury the Dead
Robots Bury the Dead
Short Story: The Stars are Wonder
The Stars are Wonder
Short Story: Three Face Flip
The Coin's Decision
Novelette: Leslie and the Powder
Leslie and the Powder
Novelette: The Bikes of New York
The Bikes of New York
Short Story: Pica
Short Story: The Exemplars
The Exemplars
Short Story: Phoneless
Short Story: Weakest Link in the Moebius Chain
Weakest Link in the Moebius Chain
Short Story: At the Vestal
The Vestal Bordello
Short Story: Two Moments of Invention
Two Moments of Invention
Short Story: Bad Traffic
Bad Traffic
Short Story: The Rich Dance
The Rich Dance
Short Story: Greener Grass
Greener Grass
Short Story: Copy Error
Copy Error
Short Story: Sandy is a Spider
Sandy is a Spider
Short Story: Panacea
Short Story: The Infestation
The Infestation
Short Story: Heather of the Joviat
Heather of the Joviat
Story: The Profiteers
The Profiteers
Short Story: I Am Not a Robot
I Am Not a Robot
Short Story: Potato
Short Story: Victor's Mom's Car
Victor's Mom's Car
Short Story: Babysitter
Short Story: The Seventh Rule
The Seventh Rule
Novel (in progress): The Secret Mathematic
The Secret Mathematic
Short Story: Thin Air
Thin Air
Short Story: Wake Up Call
Wake Up Call
Short Story: The Taste of Blue
The Taste of Blue
Screenplay: Wither
Short Story: The Longest Lunch
The Longest Lunch
Short Story: Emergency Procedure
Emergency Procedure
Short Story: Life & Taxes
Life & Taxes
Short Story: Jesus and the Robot
Jesus and the Robot
Fan Fiction: The Darth Side
The Darth Side
Short Story: The Reaper's Coleslaw
Reaper at the Picnic
Holiday Novelette: One Small Step for Santa
One Small Step for Santa
Sequel Story: And Bananas for All!
And Bananas For All!
Short Story: Best Sold By
Best Sold By
Short Story: Surrogate
Novelette: Wile
Short Story: Free Felix
Free Felix
Short Story: Weird Flotsam
Weird Flotsam
CHEESEBURGER BROWN: Novelist & Story-wallah Cheeseburger Brown
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